Understanding Project Budgets

When starting to work with our firm, you likely have one question in mind during the initial meeting – “How much will it cost to build our home?”

Since there isn’t a standard budget for every project, we make it our goal to fully understand your vision and clearly communicate the factors that will go into determining the budget for your project early on.

Over the course of our next few blog posts, we will:

  • Take a closer look at project budgeting overall.
  • Explain why “cost per square foot” pricing generally isn’t useful.
  • Outline how and when allowances, or the price included in the contract for particular items, should be utilized.
  • Explain who should determine the allowance amounts.

With decades of experience, we’re committed to communicating the factors that go into creating a budget to assist in making the best decisions for your needs and circumstances. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at creating a budget for your project.

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