Brad Schmidt

Architectural Associate

From an early age, Brad had an interest in technology and design. In middle school he was sketching out inventions and disassembling anything he could get his hands on. This only grew with time and by high school he was repairing salvaged cars and building an autobody shop with his father, an instructor and Ranken Technical College.

Brad decided to use the opportunity provided and attended Ranken as well. He decided to pursue their architectural course as it would allow him to bring together many fields of design while also teaching him the hard skills to bring ideas to fruition. College afforded him the freedom to explore and refine his non-traditional design style. During his final year of college in 2014, he wasted no time and started working at Frontenac Engineering Group.

Rather than go to work at an architecture firm, Brad wanted to develop a much greater understanding of structures. This would give him the deeper understanding he needed to bring his visions to reality. Over the course of 8 years, he was involved in projects large and small, with the vast majority being residential work. Brad enjoyed the wide variety of work there. In the same day he might go out on site to a home built in 1906, work out specialty details for a new modern 10,000sqft house, then do some coordination on a multi-story apartment complex. After his skills were honed, his family started, and becoming the lead structural drafter he knew it was time to take the next step.

Fortunately, working at an engineering firm afforded Brad the opportunity to become very familiar with the local architects and their designs. From early on however, he knew that there were only a few that would align with the quality and style of project he would want to work on professionally. The foremost of these was Schaub Projects, where he began at the start of 2023.

Outside of work, Brad stays busy renovating his house, tending the garden, and raising his children, Sage and Willow, with his wife Eileen. In his free time Brad enjoys reading sci-fi and fantasy series, keeping up to date on the latest scientific articles, and getting out of the house for weekend camping trips.